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Make digitization easy

Get your cooperative society or MFI online to boost your growth.

  • Make digitization easy 

    Get your cooperative society or MFI online to boost your growth.  

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  • Digitally manage deposits and loans 

    Reduce paperwork, deposit contributions, apply for loans and make repayments with ease.  

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  • Moving strong in Kenya with BAK and TTON

    Adopting technology becomes easy with our partners BAK and TTON.  

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Empowering SACCOs and MFIs with CAMS

Credit Association Management System (CAMS) is a financial management system made for your SACCOs and MFIs. It helps you manage savings, loans, accounting, reports - all using one app. With CAMS, you manage finances as easily as sending a text message.

  • Made to work flawlessly on your systems
  • Manage all your day-to-day operations quicker 
  • Various automated functions to make your life easier

What can you do with CAMS?

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Saving Module1
Keep track of contributions made by group members using mobile or cash.
Loan Module1
Manage loans and loan applications of members within the app anytime, anywhere.
Payment Module1
Make transactions on CAMS anytime using cash, bank or mobile money.
Administration Module1
Manage admin related tasks like adding/removing members, creating products, implementing policies, and more.
Accounting Module1
Get ready reports and financial statements for proper governance and compliance.

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  • Right now, the world has become IT. A lot of information needs to be sent to our managers, the Central Bank BOT. The registrars want those reports, and there is a central bank report every month. In the past, it took two to three days to prepare it because it was not in the system. But in this Wakandi system (CAMS), the way they made it, all the information is there. You just request on your specific, confirm it and send it. Where we are going, our overseers will want our information in the digital system to be directly checked.
    Shedrack John
    Mkolani SACCO
  • The system [CAMS] is well developed and functioning. It will help to analyze financial performance of the SACCOs and rectify identified anomalies.
    Josephat Damas Kisamalala
    Assistant Registarar, TCDC
  • Since implementing CAMS, we've witnessed a significant positive change. Transparency is now by design, providing our members with a sense of security. Just this morning, I approved three loans without any hassle. Our SACCOS' rapid growth is largely due to the digital system. In fact, it has become our main recruiting tool. Previously, we could only process two to three loans per month, involving cumbersome check writing and multiple signatories. But now, with a fully digital process, we effortlessly handle loan volumes ten times larger than before.
    Calvince Okumu
    Chairperson, Naiwest Boda Transport Co-operative Society Limited

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